Talking about the weather :)



It’s actually winter where I live but yesterday we were greeted by rains! And not the puddley kind that forces us to stay at home but the drizzly showery kind that makes us want to go out or stare out of the window all day. Rains are highly unusual here at this time of the year but hey, who doesn’t love a little bit of surprise from the weather gods ,right?

My computer is right besides the balcony so after every sentence I type I can’t help but stare out of the window and let the cool breeze kiss my sun tanned face.

So from yesterday my mind has recursively been taking a walk down these two thoughts,

1. Where I wish to be.. I am having this rather whimsical desire to put on my shorts, a bland t-shirt, a jacket, some sort of shoes that can take rain gracefully and go freaking HIKING. It perturbs me deeply that I am wasting this beautiful weather by staying at home because I still live with my parents and they won’t let me go! I long for freedom, I long for travelling, I long for going out and exploring. The trails are calling me. This weather has ME written all over it.

The only thing that I see when I close my eyes is mud splattered shoes, a long trail ahead of me, cloudy weather , a little drizzle and a good company. If only wishes were horses..

2. How I wish my room was.. Since I am spending majority of my time in my room and not doing all the awesome things mentioned above, I have been mentally designing and redesigning my room for several hundred times. Here’s a list of things I want my ideal room to have,

1. A bed. (duh) But without a headboard.

2. A small window above my pillows exactly in level with the bed.

3. Cream coloured walls and a wallpaper of galaxy on the ceiling.

4. A floor length window-cum-balcony on the right (right from the top view)

5. A book shelf on the right of my bed.

6. A television right on front of my bed (even though I am not much of a television person).

7. A closet to the left of my bed. (Left from top view again)

8.A huge switch board somewhere near my bed because laptop, tablet, phone, IPod, power bank, speakers, etc.

9. I would like a little space between the bed and the closet for a blanket fort sometimes.( moods, eh?)

10. A study table with candles below the bookshelf maybe. (optional)

That’s all.! Ain’t much , is it?

Much love until next time 🙂 xx


Thoughts On Travelling


So, from my blog address you come to know 3 things about me,

1st- I love loving.

2nd-I love joy (happinesss), who doesn’t?

3rd- I love travelling.

Recently I went travelling with my friends for 10 days. And it was as amazing and epic as travelling with friends can get. Amazing cause I had the time of my life (even though I spent a day sulking due to some reason) and epic cause 2 friends of mine got drunk one day!! Drunk people are so amusing and maybe a little scary but mostly amusing. And do they always take a vow on the next day that they won’t ever drink again?? (mine did.)

Back to travelling…the most important thing that struck me while travelling (or after coming home) is that travelling sets us free. I mean of course to be travelling means to be wandering around freely.. but that’s not what i mean. I mean that it has set my heart free.  I can say that I was a different person when i left and now that I am back I am a better version of myself. I no longer see sense in the things I used to (negatively) dwell on.

Maybe it’s because I experienced that once you are away how little these things matter. And during the time that we are travelling we are just physically away from those things but to think that in a few years we will be so far way from these things with respect to time that they won’t even matter 1 bit!

Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving. – Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky

So why do we spend so much of our time, energy and good vibes worrying/thinking/dwelling about things that won’t matter in a long run? We have got one life and the world is so big and beautiful. The only thing that I am worried about is that there simply isn’t enough  time to waste

. Every one of us has had that moment when we have looked at a picture and thought ‘OMG! I want to go there!!”. But have you thought that there are millions of pictures that you haven’t seen yet. There are so many different places to see, so many people to meet, so many foods to try, so many languages to learn. And  amidst all this all we think and do is worry about small things.

I am 21 and an adult since past 3 years. I am young and I should be out there, taking risks, exploring, being reckless, being free… but the only thing I am doing is attending college. But I hope after I began earning I will have enough many to go wherever the hell I want!!

Oh and the most wonderful thing happened day before yesterday! My birthday was 2 months ago but I got a late gift from this amazing person. I am so so happy and grateful for it.

Guess what???


See you all until next time.

And turn that frown upside down. 🙂

New Year!


So 2015 is here!!! Happy new year you guys.

No, I am not up for the new year new me resolution this year ’cause in 2014 I have come to love myself exactly the way I am. I used to be way too negative and superstitious and uptight. But 2014 brought out some major changes in me. I used to get horrible dreams about my teeth crumbling in the beginning (common,eh?) , then i decided to look up the meaning of those dreams and I found out I made changes in my life and attitude towards it accordingly and guess what? They just stopped coming. Amazing isn’t it? I don’t think every dream has a meaning but i do think that recursively occurring dreams are meaningful.

Okay, So back to the topic in hand. Although I don’t really have any resolutions for the coming year I do have a list of thing that I would like to do.

  • Travel to London– I have never been out of my country before and UK fascinates me. (Maybe it’s because of Harry Potter and Styles?). I don’t know how I’m going to do it (like everything else in my life), but its gonna happen!
  • Learn cooking– I love food. Who doesn’t?  So I might as well stop depending on other people for making it for me.
  • Spread more love- The most important thing I have noticed in the last few months of 2014 is that we usually neglect the power of spreading more love and joy. I have watched so many videos where people shout complements at random strangers or gave out flowers to people or food to a homeless person and it filled my heart with pure joy.! God bless those people. But to think of it, if simply watching these things make you feel so joyful, how would actually DOING the make you feel? I am gonna find that out this year.
  • Gratitude– I cannot begin to explain how important gratitude is in your life.I have always neglected expressing gratitude ..until last month when I read The Secret and began practicing gratitude daily. Trust me, the more I am grateful for the things that I already have – even the smallest – the more of those things I receive! It makes life so much amazing.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.

-Melody Beattie

  • Own an iPhone– No explanation needed.

I wish you a very happy, prosperous and an abundant new year!




I’m new here. Well,not really since I’ve created this account since ages but i wasn’t so keen on writing and it took me a lot of time to figure things out around here (can’t blame me).

This blog of mine (whoop whoop it feels great to have your own blog) is going to be about life, happiness, love and advice-both seeking and giving!

See ya until next time…have a great Sunday ! 🙂